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Frequently asked questions?

CultureTotal is your new virtual venue. Buy tickets for your events and bring your favourite artists to your living room digitally and live or watch livestream concerts on the go.

On CultureTotal you can see a variety of cultural events: Cross-genre from concerts and readings to dance and theatre.

Just click on "Programme", choose your event and buy your personal ticket. After purchasing your ticket, you will receive an access code that is valid once for the event you have booked. You can use this code to log in 10 minutes before the start of the event. The live stream will then start on time. Please do not close the livestream window as soon as you are logged in - each code is only valid once and cannot be reused. After the stream has ended, you can of course close the window again.

Please check your internet connection first. If your internet works and you still cannot open your live stream, check if you have entered the code correctly. There cannot be a space after your code. If the code still doesn't work, check your ticket to see if the date and time are correct. Still don't have access to the live stream? Please contact your organizer. You will find the name of your organiser on your ticket.

In principle, you can view CultureTotal on all internet-capable devices, i.e. via your smartphone, tablet, on your PC or even via the browser function of your television. On televisions without internet access, you can play the live stream via HDMI cable. All you need is a sufficiently fast internet connection; For the best result, a download width of 20 Mbit/s should be permanently available.

No, every live stream on CultureTotal is only available in real time during the stream. It is not possible to stop the stream and continue watching it later. The live stream is not saved, repetition is not possible.

CultureTotal offers culture professionals a full-service package for their events: in addition to modern streaming options and support with online marketing, the entire ticketing, from the setting of advance sales to billing for the online event, is handled from a single source. With CultureTotal, organizers and cultural institutions have the opportunity to advance the digitisation of their houses at a manageable cost. For further information, please send an email to

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